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Market in Old Dehli

Market in Old Dehli

For the next few weeks, I will be making several posts about my recent trip to India. I initially thought that I would blog everyday, but by the time I was back in my room ready to write my eyelids overpowered my fingers. I also wrestled with how I wanted to capture and relate my thoughts about the trip. A simple travel log or recap of my thoughts of each day just didn’t seem to work. So instead, I made multiple notes in my  Outlook each day and then on my flight home, things started to come together.

So here’s what I’ve come up with…

  1. Travel Log: Some of my posts will highlight what we did in each city (We visited Mumbai, Bangalore, Dehli, and Agra) and some of my general impressions of the sights, sounds, and feel of each place.
  2. Indian Culture: Some of my posts will be my reflections on our discussions with the various groups we met with (Lijjat, GMR, HP, and GENPACT) and my thoughts on their culture versus the American culture.
  3. Hot Issues: And finally, some of my posts will be a bit more philosophical/political in nature in responding to issues we looked at while there (overpopulation, discrimination, education, etc.). I know the political territory is always a dangerous one to wade into;  however, the India experience had an impact in further shaping my thoughts in that area. With that in mind, I believe it is worth sharing and then being ready for a healthy and meaningful dialogue.

Next Post: Why do many social change efforts fail in places like India? (Part 1)

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