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Hearing What Is Not Said

One of the traits of a great leader is the ability to see the layers of a situation. This is not an easy trait and tendency to develop. We are surrounded by a world that lives and acts mostly in response to sound bites.

This culture of sound bites is appealing, and given that as human beings we tend to follow the path of least resistance, it’s not shocking that this has largely become our way of viewing the world. The sound bite culture is an easier way to live, because it means that we can dismiss out of hand that with which we don’t agree, and reinforce our current world view by the things we do agree with. It does not require us to wrestle with grey areas or to look a layer deeper at what is not being said.

Great leaders, however, do not take this road of least resistance. They embrace the uncomfortable nature of a story that has many meanings, layers, and stories within stories. Great leaders understand that it is only through this wrestling process that we can begin to see things the way the really are, and then from that position of truth take action in a way that leads others to a higher ground.

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