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Say “No” to New Year’s Resolutions

New-years-resolutionThis year I am saying “no” to New Year’s resolutions.

While I realize that for many New Year’s is a time to set new goals and get a fresh start, I would argue that they actually create unhealthy behaviors around goal setting. The biggest problem usually centers on the goals themselves. The goals tend to be large versus incremental. Because they are large, we usually don’t have much more than a goal, which almost guarantees that we won’t get them done. Finally, when we begin to fall short, we give up and wait until next year to set our next big goal. End result = procrastination and well….no results.

What if instead of a New Year’s resolution, we had a “New Week’s Resolution.” Our goals would get much smaller, more manageable, more doable, and more often achieved. If we failed, we aren’t waiting another 11 months to start over. Further, it would help us start to create a virtuous cadence of accomplishment versus that boom and bust cycle of the typical New Year’s resolution.

So here’s to a great New Year! May it be filled with many doable New Week’s resolutions.

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