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Have you been amazed today?

Right now, I am sitting in my hotel room trying to get some work done and am looking out the room window which overlooks LAX airport. Instead of being annoyed by the airport noise, I am enjoying one of those moments of amazement. There is something magical watching plane after plane lift off the ground and soar into the air. As I turn my attention back to my computer, I feel amazed again as I think about how incredible it is that my office is completely portable. I am far from home but am able to finish up my preparation for my final session at Pepperdine and pound through several work items thanks to the miracles of technology.

We live in an amazing time. Yes there are serious and troubling economic and political issues facing us. In overcoming these great challenges, I wonder if perhaps one of the best things we could do each day is take a little time to be amazed. That feeling of amazement brings great hope and gratitude. It helps us put things in a bit better perspective. It also reminded me of a little clip from Louis CK that helps capture some of my thoughts.

So my tip for the day is to ask yourself this question: “Have you been amazed today?” If not, take a look again. In my moment of amazement today in looking out the window and down at my computer, I am reminded of the tremendous capacity we have to handle any number of challenges in our path.

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