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A Little Quiet Please – The Power of Silence

power-of-silenceMaybe I’m just getting old, but just maybe with age has come a bit more perspective on a powerful principle of a good life and great leadership – the principle and power of silence.

Last week my wife and I were in California for a convention. We decided to plan an extra day to have a little fun at Disneyland. We had a great time, but my wife kept commenting on how much sensory stimulation there was all around from music to lights to food smells. It was constant bombardment of the senses. At the end of the day it was almost a relief to be back in our hotel room. Not just because it meant we could lay down and get off our feet but because it was finally quiet.

This experience got me thinking about that sense of relief that came at the end of that day, and it got me thinking just a bit more about how much we all really need benefit of silence. While the Disney kind of experience was great for a fun day at the park, it can be our undoing as individuals and particularly as leaders if we are constantly in high sensory stimulation mode. It is interesting to note that in almost every religious tradition, prayer or meditation is of high importance. I have found that one of the greatest remedies for negative issues like stress, anxiety, anger, and frustration is silence. But that silence is also great for positive breakthroughs like overcoming writer’s block, coming up with an innovative idea, and grounding our spirit.

If there is something you are wrestling to overcome, to create understanding, to get to a new level, to improve a relationship, may I recommend giving yourself the powerful gift of a little silence.

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