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What Your Golf Game Says About You

Get in the holeMaybe it’s because I just spend a week in Palm Springs, but I’ve got a little golf on the brain as Spring gets into full swing.

A couple of years ago, my wife and I were spending a beautiful evening on the golf course together and almost just in passing she mentioned that watching someone play golf tells you a lot about that person.

So I had to ask her, “What have you learned about me as you’ve been watching?” It proved to be a very enlightening conversation. Since that conversation, I’ve taken her passing thought and used my time on the course to test her theory, and I’ve found that it’s a pretty good one.

The game of golf tests how you handle stress; highlights if you cut corners; tests how quickly you bounce back from disaster or failure; or build relationships in real time. Now golf isn’t the only way to test these things, but these are all critical indicators of how someone handles the mantle of leadership.

So what does your “golf” game say about you?

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